A big hello to everyone who has stumbled upon this blog. This is a blog where I want to add a short review of each book that my daughter whom I will refer to as Mini Edition has and will read. She is 3 years and 6 months now so there will  be reviews of the baby board books to relevant books for her age. I will keep reading books to her as she grows hopefully and would like to add a snippet of each book. Let me see if I can meet the target of 5 books for each working day. Weekends will be off days and will resume again on Monday week.


So that’s the plan so far. If you are a parent, please feel free to comment or suggest books that I will henceforth try to get hold of.


Oh and I have another blog called the Minor Edition which is also the name of my dress boutique company of the same name.

thanks and look forward to connecting with you.