Stan and Mabel

Name of Book: Stan and Mabel

Age Group: 4-6 years

Author: Jason Chapman

Mini Edition selected this book purely based on the cat pictures. It is a lovely story about a cat called Mabel and a dog called Stan and how they set up an orchestra. A very urban story with high rise buildings and aeroplanes (and talking animals of course). Not the usual fairies and superheroes that most pre-school books have.

Pros: Lovely illustration and a nice story. A very very good laugh.

Cons: I felt that Mini Edition is still young for this book. She is about 3 and a half now. It would be appropriate for children who can read and retain the attention span till the end. I will bring back the book again two years later and review it.

Mini Edition (age 3):

I like Stan and Mabel and the aeroplane.

Mumma thinks: 1.5/5