MIAOW ! Kipper Storyboards

Name of Book: MIAOW! Kipper Storyboard Series

Age Group: Pre School

Author: Mick Inkpen

If I have to pick up my top 5 books that are a hit with my munchkin, this board book would be one. A very simple and straight-forward story, about a kitten who Kipper thinks is stuck on a tree. The kitten watches Kipper and Tiger’s helpful attempts to rescue her from the tree. Finally she decides to get down the tree and walks off, much to the astonishment of Kipper.

Pros: The length of the story is perfect, short, or rather long enough to engage the attention of a 3 year old. The illustrations are very cute and so is Kipper. Mini Edition’s giggle at the end of the story is to die for.

Cons: None what so ever, as it brings a giggle to mumma too. Not boring at all for an adult too

Mini Edition thinks:

Hihihihihihihi, the kitten was not stu-u-uck

Mumma thinks: 5/5