Pinocchio – ladybird series

Name of Book: Pinocchio

Age Group: 4-6 years

Author: Carlo Collodi, Ladybird Series

This is a widely acclaimed classic book for children. Who doesn’t know the story and the moral behind it. It is a widely acclaimed Walt Disney movie and fabulous animation. It is about the wooden puppet that comes to life and the adventures and the misadventures he has on the way. It is a good mix of adventure, fantasy and excitement. I love the character Jiminy Cricket who is also Pinocchio’s subconscious and best friend. Funny as I mention him, there is a playgroup near where I live by the name of Jiminy Cricket. Mini Edition got this book from the nursery and we read it last night.

Pros: It was a good start and even though I suspected that Mini Edition is a bit young to hold on till the end, I was surprised she actually did. She enjoyed the illustrations and called all the negative characters ‘naughty’. It was well received and the fantasy element especially the blue fairy was very impressive. She did understand that her nose will grow very long if she lied.

Cons: Too many characters and complicated Italian names for a three and a half year old. Not quite for a five or a six year old though.

Mini Edition thinks:

Pinocchio is a puppet and he tells a lie and his nose is now very long.

Mumma thinks: 2.5/5