Ping and Pong by Amy Trevascus

Name of Book: Splash – Ping and Pong Series

Age Group: 4-7 years

Author: Amy Trevaskus

I was so delighted when Amy Trevaskus, the author of Ping and Pong, contacted me to review her first book. It was even more delightful when I realised that the name of the book is Splash and it involves puddles, wellies, umbrella and rain – Mini Edition loves them all.

After the initial excitement of showing off her new book as soon as it arrived, we eagerly opened the book.

The beautiful illustrations and the bright colours created an instant attraction especially for Mini Edition. She spent almost an hour admiring all the pictures and I felt that she really took interest. Soon enough, we sat down to read the story.

This story is one of the series of adventures of a little girl called Lucy. She has two special little friends called Ping and Pong, who live in the clock in the hall of Lucy’s house. ‘Splash’ is all about their trip to the park, where not only do they enjoy the slide, the swing and feeding the ducks, but most importantly splashing in the puddle and getting soaked.

This book does encourage developing the power of imagination of a child. Ping and Pong are two very sweet characters invented by the author and I must congratulate her for that. Alison has brought it to life through her superb illustration. They are very lively and their small size makes it fun for the little readers. What I liked about the book is the simple flow and the conversations that are so real.

The excited readers will love the details and be able to associate very well with the long conversations. It is exactly how the children speak. They would put themselves in Lucy’s place and have imaginative friends.

What Mini Edition (3.5 years) thinks:

(These are various statements from her while I read the book to her. Needless to say there were many interruptions and questions as expected from Mini Edition).

I like Lucy. She had long hair like a princess and red wellies. Mumma? – I want those red wellies.

Is this Ping and this one Pong ? I like Ping and Pong !

Look! Ping and Pong are inside the jacket! They are very little.

Why does she ask mummy to push the swing?

Yay she goes higher and higher in the swing – like meeee

I like the rain and the puddle. Splash splash splash.

Lucy says thank you mummy – I say thank you too!

Did you like the story sweetie?

YES ! I love it and I love Ping and Pong because they are tiny and they like puddles.

Did Santa give me a present early because I am a good girl?

So far we have read the book in 3 consecutive nights; I reckon this book will keep her imaginations going on, for a while..

This is the first book in a series of ten and the other books in the series will discover other aspects of life like cooking in the kitchen and a trip to the zoo.

This beautifully written book would be a lovely gift especially for a little girl (4-7 years).

I would like to congratulate Amy for her fantastic work and wish you all the very best for a bright future. Look forward to the next three books in the new year. Alison deserves a special mention for injecting life to Lucy, Ping and Pong.


Usborne Babies’ Library Book of Toy words

Name of Book: Usborne Babies’ Library Book of Toy words

Age Group: 0-2 years

Author: Jenny Tyler and Sue Stitt

This book is part of a series to introduce different words. This book on toy words is a perfect mix of attractive pictures and a primary picture of the toy in the middle.

Pros: As a baby Mini Edition started enjoying the pictures, slowly started saying the word. This was followed by concentrating in the smaller pictures around the whole page and interpreting them. Finally about two and a half years later, she is still enjoying this book by trying to spell the toy words. How cool is that?

Cons: If you think your shelf is brimming with books and is time to give some of the old books away, this is not to be. It looks like the book of toy words still has a long innings to go.

Mini Edition thinks:

I love all the toys

Mumma thinks: 4.5/5


Name of Book: Hug

Age Group: 0-2 years

Author: Jez Alborough

This is a perfect book for an infant who learns the emotion of the hug. The whole story unravels through illustrations and the use of a single word HUG!

Pros: This book is one of the most delightful books and has a very cute story. The illustration of this book is also beautiful. As a baby, Mini Edition used to be mesmerised by the story and Bobo looks for the mummy and therefore a hug.

Cons: Absolutely nothing.

Mini Edition thinks:

I love you mumma.

Mumma thinks: 5/5

This Little Baby

Photo: Courtesy –

Name of Book: This little baby

Age Group: 0-2 years

Author: From Book-start and Red House and photography by Sandra Lousada

One of the best board books for the 0-2 years’ age group.

Pros: Mini Edition always loved this book and the end is the most exciting bit when she sees herself in the mirror. Reading this book creates a lovely bond between the baby and the reader (usually a parent). Mini Edition loved all the expressions of the baby and used to copy it followed by the cutest smile.

Cons: Such cute faces can never go wrong.

Mini Edition thinks:

And this little baby I love the best.

Mumma thinks: 5/5