Name of Book: Hug

Age Group: 0-2 years

Author: Jez Alborough

This is a perfect book for an infant who learns the emotion of the hug. The whole story unravels through illustrations and the use of a single word HUG!

Pros: This book is one of the most delightful books and has a very cute story. The illustration of this book is also beautiful. As a baby, Mini Edition used to be mesmerised by the story and Bobo looks for the mummy and therefore a hug.

Cons: Absolutely nothing.

Mini Edition thinks:

I love you mumma.

Mumma thinks: 5/5


2 thoughts on “Hug

  1. My very poorly 13 year old daughter is sitting on my lap, having a cuddle while I look at your site, and has just said, ‘Hug is the best book ever,’ She read it to her little brother when he was a baby and now reads it to my two year old. I love watching my baby pretend to be Bobo during imaginative play – great choice!x

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