Usborne Babies’ Library Book of Toy words

Name of Book: Usborne Babies’ Library Book of Toy words

Age Group: 0-2 years

Author: Jenny Tyler and Sue Stitt

This book is part of a series to introduce different words. This book on toy words is a perfect mix of attractive pictures and a primary picture of the toy in the middle.

Pros: As a baby Mini Edition started enjoying the pictures, slowly started saying the word. This was followed by concentrating in the smaller pictures around the whole page and interpreting them. Finally about two and a half years later, she is still enjoying this book by trying to spell the toy words. How cool is that?

Cons: If you think your shelf is brimming with books and is time to give some of the old books away, this is not to be. It looks like the book of toy words still has a long innings to go.

Mini Edition thinks:

I love all the toys

Mumma thinks: 4.5/5