World Book Night 2011

Is this another feel-good campaign? Well, quite a good one I should say! A gentleman called Jamie Byng of Canongate Books, came up with the idea of World Book Night and it has now generated huge interest in the country. This has evolved as a charitable company.


What is it?

It takes place on March 5, 2011. The idea is to generate interest in books when everyone is surrounded by the iPads and smartphones, and lead a very busy social-media life. I like the catchphrase – A million reasons to read a book.

So there will be a giveaway of 1 million books.

If you love reading and is passionate about reading books AND do not work at any publishing company, you can register to be a book giver.


Be a Book Giver

You can be a book giver.for this campaign and spread the passion about reading. You have till January 24, 2011 to register. 20,000 book givers will be announced on January 28th.

Just go up to strangers to offer a book (that would be cool!), give one to your best mate, to your neighbours, NCT friends, classmates, colleagues, anyone else. Would be great if you could introduce a nice book to someone who doesn’t read that much.

… And before I go, I’d love books – drop me a line and I will be ever grateful.