One Pig Went for a Drive

Name of Book: One pig went for a drive

Age Group: 2- 4 years (parents read to them first and then they read themselves)

Author: Alan Durant

This is one of the cutest books that I have read with Mini Edition. She loves it too. It is a story that explores the concept of helping others and friendship. The piggy called Harry embarks on a trip to town in his shiny blue car. But as luck would have it, the car keeps breaking down. He meets his friends on his way and they offer all their help to get the car started. In return, he offers his friend a lift to town. Finally the car gives inbut he gets help to be able to get home.

Pros: Very easy to understand and beautiful illustrations.  It is a very cheerful book and it captures the child’s imagination well. It is a very warm and humorous story

Cons: The bedtime reads are longer than usual as a result.

Mini Edition thinks: Piggy’s car, goes crash bang ! hihihihihi

Mumma thinks: 4/5