Amaze alert: Clever letters I know – by Gemma Davies

Ever since Mini Edition was around three years old, my attention turned to encouraging her to learn the english alphabets and simple words for her age.  We have colourful foam alphabets mats, alphabet wall stickers, and quite a lot of stationary to expose her to all the alphabets and words.

So when Gemma contacted me a good few months back, to have a look at her latest alliterative creation with alphabets, I was thrilled. It was an opportunity to find another way to encourage our little ones to learn new words and also be imaginative. I was even more excited when I realised that it was so different from anything I had seen before. They were very impressive at the first glance.

Meanwhile, I took a long break from blogging for various reasons, but didn’t forget the creativity and eye catching illustrations through her alphabets.

Gemma says in her own words that she was attracted to the idea that her paintings could entertain and educate. Her range of illuminated letters carrying up to sixteen images beginning with the letter; would hopefully make the children sit on laps pouring over the detailed, alliterative world of each letter, trying to spot them all. Without prescriptive text, the child is at liberty to develop its own story.

Mini Edition (who will turn four this summer and loves reading books) saw the electronic version of the alphabets on my laptop screen and she was very keen especially with some of her favourite letters (basically the letters of her name, BELONGS to her). She did enjoy the illustrations and we spent a long time discussing all the pictures of that letter. I was happy to introduce a few new words to Mini Edition in the process.

Here is an example to illustrate.

Mini Edition instantly learned that the words ‘except’ and ‘essential’ starts with E, the words ‘eskimo’ ’emerald’ and ‘eclipse’ were new to her. She sort of understood that there are many words other than ‘eggs’ and ‘elephant’ that begins with E.

I hear that Gemma has already submitted her creation to a publisher and I wish her all the success with it. I am confident that it will be very popular.

Gemma’s illustrations are available to purchase in canvas from this website

Gemma also offers her creations in the form of cards, mugs apart from the lovely canvases. She also offers gift vouchers for would-be-mums, that could be a perfect gift for her baby shower.

It was such a great opportunity to finally meet Gemma, my twitter friend, at the Kempton Park baby show. Her products were beautifully displayed in the Names Illustrate stand and loved them.

I should have also taken a photo of the two of us. Hope to meet you again soon and will not forget a photo then.

If you love them as much as I do, please go and check her website.

Thanks for passing by and hopefully I can get back to regular blogging soon xx

p.s. Find me @books_edition and Gemma @namesillustrate on twitter