Ping and Pong – GROW by Amy Trevaskus

Name of Book: Grow – Ping and Pong Series

Age Group: 4-7 years

Author: Amy Trevaskus

I was delighted (again!) when Amy Trevascus contacted me about reviewing her second book of the Ping and Pong Series. I had reviewed her previous book titled Splash here

Mini Edition was very excited to find a new book during the bedtime reading session. It was Daddys’ turn to read (normally Mini is asleep by the time he returns home from work) that night.

The very first line of the story generated a few million questions. Lucy, the little girl was going to her Nana and Grandad’s house. Mini’s grandparents live a few thousand miles away and she meets them once in a couple of years. She concluded (quite rightly) – ‘that’s not fair :(‘ ….

After her initial research at looking at the pictures, Mini Edition listened to the entire story. She remembered Lucy and her friends Ping and Pong and thoroughly enjoyed the fun they had in Grandads’ allotment.

The first thing that attracts Mini Edition to any book is the illustration and it is (as the previous one) absolutely brilliant. All the characters really came to life through them and helps with the imagination.

Daddy gave a thumbs up when I asked his opinion about the book and that said he enjoyed reading it for Mini.

He did agree that Mini needs to get back to the book when she is able to read herself. The descriptive sentences might help improve her reading.

Two days later,

…while we were in the garden enjoying the lazy day, I suddenly noticed her go inside the house and bring this book. She started ‘reading’ the story to her imaginary friends (as most kids her age – she is the ‘teacher’ bossing around her ‘children’). She spoke about the ‘grandparents’, the ‘garden’, growing ‘vigitables’, the ‘yukky worms’, the ‘buzzy bee’ with intermitent mindless giggles. She rubbed her tummy like Pong and said ‘I love strawberries’.

Mini Edition loves the idea of having ‘special’ friends like Ping and Pong and ‘hopes’ to have two of her own too. Hers are called Millie and Tiana..

Well…I can safely conclude that the book is a big YES from Mini Edition.

Thankfully, I managed to take the photos.

Convinced Mini to pose for me as well …

The Ping and Pong series of books is all about bringing out the childs imagination and help them learn new thing. I can’t wait to get hold of the forthcoming adventures of Lucy with Ping and Pong.

A fabulous gift for a dreamer – it will only make them smile.

You can buy the book from here

Thanks for passing by …