I am back

No, I can’t even say sorry for my disappearance.


This year I might just receive the worst blogger of the year award for being a non-blogger. I’m trying to think of an excuse but realise there is none. Maybe I’ll come up with something in due course.


So what happened?


Not sure about that!

However, my daughter, who is called Mini here, has grown up a bit.

She loves reading and we have read many books this year. (I feel bad for not keeping a record of those books). We don’t miss the bedtime story (unless the rare occasion when we are on a long drive back late in the evening, when she falls asleep in the car). Mini loves reading and now that she is in Year 1, her own reading is progressing as well. Mini still picks up the toddler books and reads them herself this time.  I think, fingers crossed, we have a little book lover in the family.


I won’t make promises, but will try my best to blog about all the books Mini (and I) read.

I think I might also add the books she brings from her school, and also slowly start writing about the KS1 books.

If  you happen to accidentally stumble on this post – THANK YOU. You are a star.