How to encourage a child to love books

I am hoping to raise a little girl who loves books. So far, she loves them  – that’s great!

Mini is five and a half years old. It is only in the last six months or so, Mini has started to actually able to ‘read’ a book with a small degree of fluency. The good thing is – she loves a book, even if it is just a picture book or a sticker book.  I think –

One of the best ways to bond with children is, to read aloud to them.

It is a shared activity that we can continue for many years to come.

Reading provides stimulation and helps increase their attention span as well as their curiosity.

Above all, reading is fun.

So how to get a child pick up a book?

1. Start Early

It is never too early to introduce books to a baby. Bright and colourful fabric books and board books would be perfect (I know – baby will first chew, then feel and then appreciate the picture probably). Ah well, just read and watch the sparkle in those curious eyes. Babies love repetitions and so just a couple of books will go a long way.

Oh, and then you get waterproof books for bath time and buggy books for the trips to keep them entertained.



2. Make time and create an atmosphere for reading

Make time to read, with no distractions. This will help your child to listen attentively and enjoy the book. It is fun to be creative, build a den with a few sheets and snuggle in with a book, and read. Wear a tiara and read the princess story or a pirate hat and role play.

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3. Play

Making letters with play dough, making words with paint, paper, using chalk outdoors, big foam letters to create small words, the scope is endless.

4. Read yourself

Children imitate a lot – so if you read a book, they will copy. Convince the children to value books.

5. Visit the library

Go to the library, with time in hand. Let them pick up books, explore, then encourage them to turn the pages, ask questions, show excitement and bring books home.

At home, scatter books around; not literally but maybe have a small bookshelf here and a box with a few books, there, all within their reach. They will pick them up and investigate.

Source: Internet

6. Read signs, road names, shop names when you go out.

Read whatever you come across, when you go out. Bus numbers, roads and shops, signs, menus, shopping list, labels – anything. As they grow older, they will be eager to read all that, themselves.

7. Once they start school

Sit back and leave it to the teachers – not! It gets serious now, phonics, recognition, joining different sounds and all that. Continue having fun and encourage them and have a lot of patience. Always praise, praise and praise and see that gorgeous smile.

My journey continues from here.

I hope Mini always says –


Thanks for passing by.

I hope to be able to continue blogging.

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