Hansel and Gretel

When I was little, many years ago – I had a huge book of the Grimms Fairy Tales. My favourite story in that book was, Hansel and Gretel. I think it was mainly because of the edible house with cake, chocolates and candies, to be honest.

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I was delighted therefore, when Mini got this book as a present from a friend.

There is a dark side in this story that can almost disturb a little mind. I was not very sure how Mini would take  – the fact that a stepmother would actually want to abandon the children and prefer them dead and the witch who lured them in her house with sweeties, so that she could eat them.

Thankfully, as children always are – Mini saw the positive side of it 🙂

Name – Hansel and Gretel

Author(s) – Grimm Brothers

Genre – Fairytale

Age group – 4+ years

Pros – Lots to discuss about, in the story. You can talk about the deep dark woods, ways to find your way like using a map, torch etc. Discuss about ‘not talking to strangers offering sweeties’ – sorry! Maybe when they are slightly older and in school.

Cons – There is this dark side to this story that very small children might not like it. They might freak out a bit, long before they reach ‘and they lived happily ever after after’ stage. The story is a bit long as well.

Mini saysHansel and Gretel are the cleverest children in the ‘whole wide world’. They tricked the ‘baddy’ mum and the ‘naughty witch’. 

Hell – yes!

Mumma gives the book, full marks. Glad Mini has survived and actually not affected at all as I thought she would be. It would be nice to see the opera or theatre based on this story, in future, perhaps.

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