Imogen the Ice Dance Fairy – Rainbow Magic Dance Fairies Collection

Mini chose this book from her library last week and another book about the tap dance fairy as well.

I can see a pattern there.

This book had been lying around for a few days, till this evening. Mini was not feeling too well, bad weather and all that. So we snuggled up to read this book.

This book is one of the many books in the Rainbow Magic Series.  Initially, I was not a big fan of these books, but for a 5 year old girl it is simply great. This is a delightful story about a little ice dancer, whose friends deal with the goblins who stole the fairy ribbons. These ribbons are important for them to dance nicely and successfully. Imogen is the tiny fairy wearing glittered shoes and lovely dress.

A very sweet book for little girls.

Mini didn’t say much in terms of review, but I know she enjoyed the story.

I liked it too – apart from.. maybe erm.. the use of the word ‘yanked’. I know kids and parents use all sorts of words, but they need to read lovely and nice words in the books they read.

That’s just me ..