Sun slices and moon slices


Name – Sun Slices and moon slices

Author – Adele Geras

This is a story that can be read to pre school children but my 5 year old brought this home from school for her own reading. A sweet story once again about a mummy who drops her child at the childminders before work and picks him up in the afternoon. The little one  loves to eat the sliced oranges (sun) and slices apples (moon) and eagerly waits the whole day for mummy to pick him up.

Mini liked the story and mumma liked the book too. Very easy words are used for fluent reading in KS1 (UK).


Too dirty – all about Henry by Anne Rooney and Fabiano Florin

too dirty.jpg



Name: Too dirty – All about Henry

Author: Anne Rooney and Fabiano Florin

A lovely story and a very good book for reading yourself.Mini got this book from school as part of her reading campaign. It has good humour and the cute factor.  It is a story about Henry who gets very dirty when he goes to the park. After a lot of persuasion, he realises that taking bath is fun after all.

Mini says – it is a funny book

Mumma says – 5/5

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Mini and her classmates enacted this story in her Reception class assembly, last year. It was a massive success. They read the book in school, enjoyed it and understood the story well enough to then act it out.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff is a traditional tale originating in Norway. The book  can be read in the silly voice in a sing-song pattern. Beautiful story about how the three little goats outwit the greedy troll and manages to cross the bridge. This story can evoke discussions and support learning in different ways.

Mini says – One of my favourite stories.

Mumma says – A must read for pre-schoolers or beginners .. 5/5




Naomi the Netball Fairy – Rainbow Magic Sporty Fairies Collection


Mini brought this book from her school library. She will probably complete the entire series of the Rainbow Magic Collection very soon. The general theme of all the stories of this collection is about Jack Frost and his goblins causing immense destruction and disappearance of the magic items so that they can win the respective competition. And then you have the lovely fairy who … gets everything right and everybody lives happily ever after.

Very cute stories, perfect for little girls (and boys, I add hastily) who are between 5-7 years. Normally, I would prefer books that are not specific to a gender but I can see more girls picking up this book from the shelves. The words used in the book is pretty simple and so they can read it themselves.

Mini says – I absolutely love this story

Mumma says – I like them because Mini likes them. 3.5/5