Pairs in Pear – lovely Christmas gift for budding learners

Today is Manic Monday – the busiest day in Britain for online shopping for Christmas present. Pairs in Pears can be one for the age group 5+ years till about 7 or 8 years or even older children.

Pairs in Pear is a word construction game – similar to the traditional scrabble but much simpler. It comes in a pear-shaped cloth pouch, containing four full alphabet sets in four beautiful distinct patterns. The idea is to race to make a pair of connecting words in the same pattern.

Pairs in Pears was a fifth birthday present that Mini received this summer.  A super hit in our household, it is an excellent learning tool, that helps with exploring with words and improving spelling. The good thing is that this  game can be played at different levels depending on the age of the child. We have modified the rules to suit the little ones’ level and Mini enjoys constructing little words. As yet, we do not follow using the same pattern rule as it becomes difficult to create words for her. With time, I am sure we can increase the difficulty level and also, at the moment, we do not use scores, to avoid tantrums.



I would definitely recommend this for guaranteed fun.

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