The Little Red Hen – What Mini read recently

A very cute book about a Little Red Hen. As you read it (as an adult) you start to expect a lesson to learn by the end of it. This story is a folklore of Russian origin. It is about the little red hen who finds a few wheat grains and decides to grow it, for making bread.  None of her friends help her to plant the seeds, water it, reap it or grind it. In the end, when she bakes a lovely bread, she decides to teach them a lesson. She doesn’t share the bread with any of them.

Like most traditional tales. this story can elicit many questions that you can raise and discuss with the child. Do you think the Little Red Hen was naughty for not sharing her bread with her friends? Why do you think so? Do you think working together is helpful? What will you do if nobody helps you? When do you think you should help others?

A simple story with a good rhythm.

You can listen to the story in the link below.

Thanks for passing by – do you have any suggestion of any other traditional tales that I may try reading with Mini ? thanks