The Tiger Who Came to Tea

I still can’t believe that this book was first published in 1968. The Tiger Who Came to Tea, is a classic children’s book that has won the hearts of millions.

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Name: The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Author: Judith Kerr

This is a delightful story of a little girl called Sophie. One evening, just as she was about to have her tea, there was a knock at the door. It surprises both Sophie and her mummy as it was not the time for the milkman or the grocer to knock the door and her daddy would have opened the door with his keys. To their utter surprise, a huge yet a friendly and polite tiger was at the door.

The tiger was so hungry that he ate all the food they had in the house. The tiger also finished all the drinks and all the water in the taps.  In the end, there was no food left for Sophie and her family. When daddy returned home from work, they went to eat out at the cafe. Next day, they went shopping and bought a big box of tiger food, in case the hungry tiger comes home again. But he never came back …

A simple story but very charming. A must buy for every toddler.

Mini : One of her favourite books and she loves the story. The colourful illustration is very captivating.

Mumma says: 5/5