The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

I bought this book for 50p from an antique, retro flea market. Mini absolutely loves this book.

This is a classic Aesop’s fable that we can all relate to.

A very proud town mouse visits his cousin who lives in the country and is very scornful about the simple meal he was offered and the quiet life of the country. The town mouse boasts of the ‘fine life’ that he has in the town and invites his country cousin to come with him. As the two mice settles down to have a grand, civilised meal in the town, they are interrupted by the noise of the scary dogs who wanted a share of the food. The country mouse decides to hurry back to the peace and quiet of his country home.

A good book to discuss to with your child – what may be perfect for someone, may not be so perfect for another.

Mini says – I love the country mouse as he is nice to his cousin.

Mumma says – 5/5