Tall Tilly – Jillian Powell

tall tillyTitle:  Tall Tilly

Author  : Jillian Powel

Illustrator : Tim Archbold

Mini brought this book home from school as part of her reading campaign. Perfect for independent reading, short and precise with a lovely little storyline. As the title suggests, it is about Tilly who dislikes being so tall. Instead she would like to be a dainty and petite ballerina like her best friend Molly.

Her teacher suggests that she tries various sports like running, basketball and football. Much to Tilly’s amazement, she is brilliant at all these games and realises, that she loves being tall after all.

I can relate a lot to this story myself, always wishing to be dainty like my friends with tiny feet. 🙂

Mini says – Oh no! Tilly cant kiss the boy he loves because he is much shorter ………..

Mumma says – erm .. yes you are right 🙂

A good story to discuss with a five year old, and the grown ups can come up with a lot of questions.