Aladdin – tales from Arabian Nights


Title: Alladin and the magic lamp

Mini got this book from her school library. Needless to say – the word Disney may have played a role in her choice. However, it is a lovely choice. This is a classic story that everybody has read. I think ..

Surprisingly, Mini read the book herself, at bedtime. There were many new words for her like ‘sorcerer’, ‘luxurious’ and ‘anxious’. We discussed their meanings and how they are pronounced. She is quite keen on Princess Jasmine.

Mini said ‘I don’t like the picture of the cobra – the naughty Jafar became a scary Cobra to scare Alladin. He was trying to trick Alladin to snatch the magic lamp’.

Mumma: I suddenly went back 20-ish years when the movie Alladin was released, and I went to see it with my ‘friend’ who Mini now calls ‘daddy’.

Oh and I would rate the book – 5/5

A pretty good book to read out loud with lots of expressions.

PS: As our long discussion about the story continued, Mini said that she likes any story that has a bad person in it. That makes the story very interesting. And as always, the bad person loses to the good person. Yep .. agree !