Yertle the Turtle and other stories – Dr Seuss


Name: Yertle the Turtle and other stories

Author – Dr Seuss

We discovered this lovely book on our trip to the local library and read it first thing back home. A lovely book with three stories in it. They all have the same lesson to learn in the end – not to be too engrossed in self importance and greed.

The first story is ‘Yertle the Turtle’ is about the king of the pond called Yertle. He stacks all the other turtles one on top of the other and sits right at the top. The turtles below are left groaning in pain, especially Mack who is at the bottom of the pile. However, Yertle doesn’t care. That evening, he gets furious when he finds that the moon is higher than him. He immediately summons more turtles to raise his height, much to the agony of Mack. Mack burps, when he had enough of this, and all the turtles including the proud king falls down.

‘Gertrude McFuzz’ is the second story and Mini’s favourite of the three. The story is about envy and greed. In this story the little girl bird Gertrude with one tiny feather envies her friend Lolla Lee Lou for having two feathers. Gertrude gets greedy when she gets hold of the berries that helps her tail grow. She continues to eat them till her tail is so huge and heavy that she can barely walk, let alone fly.

The final story ‘The Big Brag’  teaches that ‘action speaks louder than words’. It is a  story about a bear and a rabbit who keeps boasting at each other about their abilities.

Mini says – I love the story Gertrude McFuzz and I like Lolla lee Lou. You should not be too greedy and be happy with what you have.

Mumma says – As in all Dr Seuss books, the rhyme and humour is superb and delights the reader. This book had been controversial for its political undertone but for a child reading it – the meaning and the lesson is clear.

A big 5/5