Squash and a Squeeze – by Julia Donaldson

Name: A Squash and a Squeeze

Author: Julia Donaldson

A delightful and perfect book for pre-school children. It has all the ingredients for brilliance – good rhyme, funny, colourful illustrations and it is a story that has animals in it. To top it all, it is by Julia Donaldson who cannot go wrong.

A wonderful opportunity to read this book in your silly voice and would be a perfect hit. Get ready to read it a million times though. It is still a joy – trust me.

An old lady complains that her house is too small and says

Wise old man, won’t you help me, please?

My house is a squash and a squeeze.”

Wise old man, helps her to understand that the house is actually not too small in the end by bringing big animals in her house.

Mini says – We went to see Julia Donaldson in summer and she sang the funny songs in the story and all the animals were on stage. I really really loved it

Mumma says – I would highly recommend this book. It is a book that can be enjoyed by older children too when they can read themselves.

A big 5/5

What’s your favourite Donaldson book?