The World of Dinosaurs – Usborne Flap Book

Name – See inside the world of Dinosaurs

Author – Alex Firth; Illustrator – Peter Scott

Mini is  not a big fan of Dinosaurs – yet. We are very lucky to live within an hours’ drive of the Natural History Museum, London, UK. The museum has a huge section dedicated to Dinosaurs. Every year, for the last three years, I have taken Mini to see the Dinosaurs (along with the other attractions of course), in the Museum. Finally, I bought this book (from the Museum store, probably paid more than normal price) to get Mini to learn about these pre-historic beasts.

The flaps made things a bit easy for an otherwise unpopular topic. She has gained significant knowledge about the different types of bones, what they ate and how they ate. Mini does spend a lot of time, quietly, turning the flaps over and reading.

Mini says – Dinosaurs are so big and I like the Tricerotops. I like the book a lot.

Mumma says – Good illustrations and an interesting read. Mini might like the book a bit more next year when she’s a year older.