Naomi the Netball Fairy – Rainbow Magic Sporty Fairies Collection


Mini brought this book from her school library. She will probably complete the entire series of the Rainbow Magic Collection very soon. The general theme of all the stories of this collection is about Jack Frost and his goblins causing immense destruction and disappearance of the magic items so that they can win the respective competition. And then you have the lovely fairy who … gets everything right and everybody lives happily ever after.

Very cute stories, perfect for little girls (and boys, I add hastily) who are between 5-7 years. Normally, I would prefer books that are not specific to a gender but I can see more girls picking up this book from the shelves. The words used in the book is pretty simple and so they can read it themselves.

Mini says – I absolutely love this story

Mumma says – I like them because Mini likes them. 3.5/5