Lots of work, deadlines.. Mini is enjoying her book week though

I have a confession – I am slacking, in my blogging …. ooh that rhymes 🙂


As you may know, I run a business – called Minor Edition.  I am currently busy trying to update the website. It will take another few days. I manage a Facebook page for that as well. I love doing what I do, but fall behind due to time constraints.

We do keep up with our reading.

Mini is currently enjoying her book week at school.

Yesterday, they had a puppet show company visit them and enact Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs. Apparently they were so funny that Mini ‘fell off laughing’.

Today is dressing up day as a book character and book swap day. She wanted to swap an Allan Ahlberg book. Lets see what she gets home in return.

Mini dressed up as Pinocchio. It was her idea, as we are reading Pinocchio at the moment. It is a long story and we read about 6 pages at bedtime.

Here are two photos.

wpid-2013-02-12-09.28.36.pngpinocchio 1