Tall Inside


Author: Jean Richardson

Age: primary School, 6-7 years, Year 1

Children of this age are very sensitive. They slowly begin to identify that they are all different especially in the way they look. Some are short, tall, dark haired, blonde haired and so on. There is a chance that they tend to like the other childs’ look more than theirs. It is natural in a way, it is human nature.

This story highlights the issue of being different. The little girl Joanne is sad because she is the smallest in class. Her friends don’s want to play with her because she can’t reach a certain branch of a tree.

Eventually, she learns to cope and learns that it is important to feel good inside and be happy for who we are and not for how we look like.

It is a very well written book and I found that Mini understood the message of the story herself. I didn’t have to explain it to her. I quickly jumped in to discuss various similar issues that Mini has about her looks and her feelings. She retaliated that we should be happy about the way we are and that we are all different.

The illustrations by Alice Englander are beautiful and makes the book very interesting.

I would rate it 5/5