Mister Magnolia – Quentin Blake


A delightful classic book that needs no introduction. If you have a child around 3 years or need to buy a present for a child of this age, I would recommend this book.

Age : 3-4 years

A lovely picture book by the illustrator of the Roald Dahl books, Quentin Blake.  We have this book for the last 3 years and Mini still loves to pick it up and read it. The rhyme is so funny and witty that I hear giggles soon after she starts reading. Mini loves the silliness and the tragedy of ‘poor’ Mr Magnolia, who just has one boot.
Mr Magnolia has only one boot.
He has an old trumpet
that goes rooty-toot—
And two lovely sisters
who play on the flute—
But Mr Magnolia has only one boot.
A very happy character, Mister Magnolia continues to have fun despite a missing boot. A lovely and light-hearted  piece that ends happily. He gets another boot that does not match his other one but makes him really happy nevertheless.
The book is a delight with lovely rhyming pattern and always brings a smile to our faces.


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