Jade McAde by Jane Caroll

Jade McKade

Jade McKade

As a mum, I loved the book. Such cuteness and I loved listening to the lovely expression of my little miss. I sometimes wonder, how far my baby has come, as far as reading and literacy is concerned. Kids really grow up super fast.

Jade McAde is part of the Year 1 curriculum.

Jade does not like going to school at all. When she has chicken pox one day, Jade is happy that she can be at home. Her sister Jennie however, loves school. Every day Jennie come home from school and tells Jade about all the fun stuff they did in school. Gradually, Jade realises, whilst recovering from chicken pox, that school is a lot of fun after all. The story ends with a dress up party at school where Jade dresses up as the dragon.

Good story.