A Christmas Journey by Brian Wildsmith

I am posting this back dated because this book is all about nativity. Mini picked this book from her school library during the time they were practising their nativity play in December. Mini loved reading it. She is six years old and reads herself. This book is perfect for a young reader of this age, describing the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.

christmas journey

Highly recommended.


The Fat Alphie and Charlie the Wimp series: Fat Alphie the Famous


Good book for independent reading in Year 1. Mini read the book fluently adding silly voices with each character (that are always funny), we laughed a lot and Mini read it again, a couple of times. That is always a good sign. Humour shines through in the story and is a joy to read.

Thanks for passing by 🙂

Jade McAde by Jane Caroll

Jade McKade

Jade McKade

As a mum, I loved the book. Such cuteness and I loved listening to the lovely expression of my little miss. I sometimes wonder, how far my baby has come, as far as reading and literacy is concerned. Kids really grow up super fast.

Jade McAde is part of the Year 1 curriculum.

Jade does not like going to school at all. When she has chicken pox one day, Jade is happy that she can be at home. Her sister Jennie however, loves school. Every day Jennie come home from school and tells Jade about all the fun stuff they did in school. Gradually, Jade realises, whilst recovering from chicken pox, that school is a lot of fun after all. The story ends with a dress up party at school where Jade dresses up as the dragon.

Good story.

Matilda – by Roald Dahl

matilda 1

We have read Matilda three or four times already, in the last three months. ‘We’ includes Mini with either ‘mumma’ or ‘daddy’. Daddy is usually not at home around Mini’s ‘bedtime’ but I have noticed that when he is, they end up reading Matilda!

I have not blogged about it so far, because it is Roald Dahl for a start. There are fan clubs and plenty of reviews available already, online.

There is a debate about the right age-group and quite rightly. There are elements of violence, swearing and extremely naughty parents, and that is indeed, a scary thing for little people.

Mini will turn six this year and I have debated about reading this book to her, now. I started by telling her what the book was about, about this amazing girl called Matilda and what happens to her. I wanted to warn her in a way, that this book has harsh words. Mini just responded, ‘oh yes, Snow White had a naughty step mother and so did Cinderella!’ They were all cruel to the lovely princesses but in the end, good happens to good people.

I guess, what Dahl wrote, was the same, but in a more urban and modern context. Dreadful things happen to good people, but all ends happily.

matilda 3

Matilda is a very clever five year old girl. She has taught herself to read and has a very advanced reading list. Her parents do not recognise her talents and instead ignores her completely. Mini dislikes Matilda’s daddy who is a ‘crook’ and her mummy who doesn’t care about her child. But the most horrible is the headteacher at school, Miss Trunchbull, who seizes children by their hair and hurls them out of the window. As all children love fairness, Mini wants fairness for Matilda.

Mini is not aware of bullying in real life yet, but I am sure, children do come across bullies in some form or the other. What the children really want to do is to get back to those people and punish them. Matilda does exactly that! When her father rips off her favourite books and calls her a liar, she does not run away crying. Instead, Matilda plays tricks on him. She manages to glue a hat on his head with super glue, dyes his hair and scares the life out by making a parrot speak like a ghost in the living room. When it came to Miss Trunchbull, Matilda uses her super telekinetic powers, unknown to her! It is all about standing up against the evil.

Mini feels for Matilda and falls in love with her teacher, Miss Honey. Miss Honey is very poor but very kind hearted and Matilda later learns how she has been mistreated over the years. In the end , Mini is very glad that Matilda starts living with Miss Honey and her parents lets Matilda go.

What excites me are the odd lovely rhymes and funny verse.  It is very hard not to smile at the lovely mix of humour, adventure and mystery. The names are pretty good as well, Wormwood, Trunchbull and Honey; we can easily distinguish between the good and the evil…I think.

matilda 2

Matilda is Roald Dahl at his best with the best illustrations ever ! .

We have booked tickets to go and see the musical, in a few months time. Mini is counting down.

Princess Rosa’s Winter by Judy Hindley



Mini read this book during one of those very cold days, a few weeks ago. She agreed with Princess Rosa who also hated the winter. Mini loves snow but the prolonged period of dark days was not particularly exciting for her. In this story, Princess Rosa didn’t like winters because her castle is quite dark and cold, and also it is difficult to go out and ride her pony in the snow.

But one day a mysterious jester cames to the castle!. He started entertaining everybody with music, dancing, and rejoicing. That certainly brightened up the gloomy winters day and made Princess Rosa very happy.

Mini, who is now a reasonably good independent reader, enjoyed reading this book from her school, with lovely expression.

Mumma loved it too.

Yasmin – the Night Owl Fairy (Rainbow Magic Series)


Kirsty and Rachel and their parents were spending a week of the summer holidays at Camp Stargaze. Just outside the camp was a clearing in the woods called the Forest Fun Playground. When they arrived at the Campsite, their Twilight fairy friends had asked for their help again (as in the other stories of the series). These fairies ensure that everything is peaceful and harmonious between dawn to dusk with the help of their fairy dust. Unfortunately, Jack Frost and his goblins stole the magic bags so that they could cause chaos.

When the girls looked out to the farm from the treehouse, they were surprised!

“The farm animals are all fast asleep!” Rachel told her. “Isn’t that strange?” Kirsty trained her binoculars on the field across the river. Now she too could see that the cows and sheep were all sleeping contentedly!

“But it’s still day-time!” Kirsty pointed out, puzzled. “Why are the night-time  creatures like the badger and hedgehogs awake during the day, and why are the  animals like the cows and sheep, who should be awake, asleep?”

The girls met the magical snowy owl called Shadow, who sprinkled fairy dust and the girls shrank to fairy size. They began to fly to the fairyland and were astonished to realise that all the fairies were fast asleep. Must be Jack Frost !! They recognised Yasmin, the night owl fairy amongst all the sleeping fairies and woke her up. The three of them began their adventure to bring the day and night balance back to normal.

What little girl will not love such a story !