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No child should be left behind because of how much their parents earn. But in the UK today that’s exactly what’s happening.  A fifth of 7-year-olds from poorer families are already behind in reading. Most struggle to catch up, leading to a lifetime of lower qualifications and fewer opportunities. 


We are launching Born to Read – a programme in which volunteers go into school to read to children. By 2017, we intend to reach 23,000 disadvantaged children, in addition to the more than 50,000 children we want to reach with our FAST programme by that point.

We are also calling on the government to prioritise young children from poorer backgrounds in the first few years of school.

A Christmas Journey by Brian Wildsmith

I am posting this back dated because this book is all about nativity. Mini picked this book from her school library during the time they were practising their nativity play in December. Mini loved reading it. She is six years old and reads herself. This book is perfect for a young reader of this age, describing the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.

christmas journey

Highly recommended.

India (Countries in our World)

India (countries in our world) is part of a series. Mini picked this book at the library along with Portugal, Italy and Ghana. She has been to India twice before  as we have family there. She also knows that another trip is in the offing.


Lovely factual book and is quite detailed. Mini has recently learned to read maps especially pointing out the capital city. I heard her reading the first few pages out loudly.

The book has lovely photographs too.


Little Bharatnatyam dancers


The Autorickshaw


Holy City of Varanasi

I would highly recommend this book

The Fat Alphie and Charlie the Wimp series: Fat Alphie the Famous


Good book for independent reading in Year 1. Mini read the book fluently adding silly voices with each character (that are always funny), we laughed a lot and Mini read it again, a couple of times. That is always a good sign. Humour shines through in the story and is a joy to read.

Thanks for passing by 🙂