Squash and a Squeeze – by Julia Donaldson

Name: A Squash and a Squeeze

Author: Julia Donaldson

A delightful and perfect book for pre-school children. It has all the ingredients for brilliance – good rhyme, funny, colourful illustrations and it is a story that has animals in it. To top it all, it is by Julia Donaldson who cannot go wrong.

A wonderful opportunity to read this book in your silly voice and would be a perfect hit. Get ready to read it a million times though. It is still a joy – trust me.

An old lady complains that her house is too small and says

Wise old man, won’t you help me, please?

My house is a squash and a squeeze.”

Wise old man, helps her to understand that the house is actually not too small in the end by bringing big animals in her house.

Mini says – We went to see Julia Donaldson in summer and she sang the funny songs in the story and all the animals were on stage. I really really loved it

Mumma says – I would highly recommend this book. It is a book that can be enjoyed by older children too when they can read themselves.

A big 5/5

What’s your favourite Donaldson book?


Meeting Julia Danaldson in Summer 2012

As part of Wonderlands: A Festival of International Writing for Children at British Library, we met Julia Donaldson.

 It was a fantastic experience for Mini. She loves Gruffalo – actually that would be an understatement. She ABSOLUTELY LOVES Gruffalo. Last year, in her Reception class, they were taken to watch Gruffalo at the theatre and in her words

It was amazing

Now, for a child who actually thought that Gruffalo exists in real life – the concept of the ‘author’ was not quite there. Till the summer holidays, when we attended this event at the British Library.

A few photos that I took .. Julia Donaldson and her family. Beautiful songs and entertainment that kept a hall full of little ones very happy.

Mini went up on stage too. She was over the moon.

Julia Donaldson signing the books at the end. Mini got her book signed as well.

It was lovely. We will keep an eye on any events next year as well at the British Library.

Tiddler – by Julia Donaldson

Mini, along with her friends went on a school trip to the Blue Reef Aquarium at the onset of her school term when she started Year 1. All the learning that followed since, were related to the sea.

As part of the ‘Under the Sea’ theme in Year 1, Tiddler was an obvious choice of book.

Name: Tiddler

Author :  Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler (Illustrator)

Age: Preschool – Year 1 (3-6 years)

A delightful story about a little fish who gives very elaborate, made up excuses, when he is late to school. Only one friend, Johnny Dory, believes those extraordinary adventures, and spreads those stories in the ocean world. One day, when Tiddler gets caught in a fisherman’s net, he actually experiences all those adventures in real life, that he had previously lied about. Familiar ?

Pros: Cute story to read aloud with beautiful rhyme and wit. It is a book that can be used in a classroom environment because the story is quite open ended. This means that all the children can have their own conclusion on this story. The book Tiddler encourages a pupil to initiate independent writing, creating rhymes of their own, learning about different names of fishes. Each fish has its own personality and the illustrations reflect their emotions very clearly.

Cons: I would wait to introduce this book till they start school. A little twist to the Boy who cried Wolf story

Mini says: I love the story but not Tiddler

Gosh ! why?

Mumma says:  4.5/5