Yasmin – the Night Owl Fairy (Rainbow Magic Series)


Kirsty and Rachel and their parents were spending a week of the summer holidays at Camp Stargaze. Just outside the camp was a clearing in the woods called the Forest Fun Playground. When they arrived at the Campsite, their Twilight fairy friends had asked for their help again (as in the other stories of the series). These fairies ensure that everything is peaceful and harmonious between dawn to dusk with the help of their fairy dust. Unfortunately, Jack Frost and his goblins stole the magic bags so that they could cause chaos.

When the girls looked out to the farm from the treehouse, they were surprised!

“The farm animals are all fast asleep!” Rachel told her. “Isn’t that strange?” Kirsty trained her binoculars on the field across the river. Now she too could see that the cows and sheep were all sleeping contentedly!

“But it’s still day-time!” Kirsty pointed out, puzzled. “Why are the night-time  creatures like the badger and hedgehogs awake during the day, and why are the  animals like the cows and sheep, who should be awake, asleep?”

The girls met the magical snowy owl called Shadow, who sprinkled fairy dust and the girls shrank to fairy size. They began to fly to the fairyland and were astonished to realise that all the fairies were fast asleep. Must be Jack Frost !! They recognised Yasmin, the night owl fairy amongst all the sleeping fairies and woke her up. The three of them began their adventure to bring the day and night balance back to normal.

What little girl will not love such a story !