The Fat Alphie and Charlie the Wimp series: Fat Alphie the Famous


Good book for independent reading in Year 1. Mini read the book fluently adding silly voices with each character (that are always funny), we laughed a lot and Mini read it again, a couple of times. That is always a good sign. Humour shines through in the story and is a joy to read.

Thanks for passing by ­čÖé


Tall Inside


Author: Jean Richardson

Age: primary School, 6-7 years, Year 1

Children of this age are very sensitive. They slowly begin to identify that they are all different especially in the way they look. Some are short, tall, dark haired, blonde haired and so on. There is a chance that they tend to like the other childs’ look more than theirs. It is natural in a way, it is human nature.

This story highlights the issue of being different. The little girl Joanne is sad because she is the smallest in class. Her friends don’s want to play with her because she can’t reach a certain branch of a tree.

Eventually, she learns to cope and learns that it is important to feel good inside and be happy for who we are and not for how we look like.

It is a very well written book and I found that Mini understood the message of the story herself. I didn’t have to explain it to her. I quickly jumped in to discuss various similar issues that Mini has about her looks and her feelings. She retaliated that we should be happy about the way we are and that we are all different.

The illustrations by Alice Englander are beautiful and makes the book very interesting.

I would rate it 5/5

Charlie at the Zoo –

Name – Charlie at the Zoo┬á

Author – Marcus Pfister

Age – 3+

Pros – A very cute book about Charlie who ends up in a zoo for the first time and gradually learns about different animals. Lovely book for pre school children and learn about animals. A slightly older child would also learn new things about their habitat and food when they read it.

Cons – None

What Mini says – I love the book

What Mumma says –┬á4/5

Miss Dose and the Doctors’ Daughter

miss dose

Title: Miss Dose and the Doctors’ Daughter

Author: Alan Ahlberg and Faith Jaques

Happy Families Series

Another book from Mini’s school as part of her reading. I have to say, I like Alan Ahlberg books. It is a delightful little story about Dora who wants to be a doctor. As both her parents are doctors, she does get a chance to be one when her parents wake up covered in spots.


A book recommended for early reading. It had a good mix of words and a lot of questions can be generated for comprehension purposes.

Mini says – It is a funny book

Mumma says: 4/5

Tall Tilly – Jillian Powell

tall tillyTitle:  Tall Tilly

Author  : Jillian Powel

Illustrator : Tim Archbold

Mini brought this book home from school as part of her reading campaign. Perfect for independent reading, short and precise with a lovely little storyline. As the title suggests, it is about Tilly who dislikes being so tall. Instead she would like to be a dainty and petite ballerina like her best friend Molly.

Her teacher suggests that she tries various sports like running, basketball and football. Much to Tilly’s amazement, she is brilliant at all these games and realises, that she loves being tall after all.

I can relate a lot to this story myself, always wishing to be dainty like my friends with tiny feet. ­čÖé

Mini says – Oh no! Tilly cant kiss the boy he loves because he is much shorter ………..

Mumma says – erm .. yes you are right ­čÖé

A good story to discuss with a five year old, and the grown ups can come up with a lot of questions.

Imogen the Ice Dance Fairy – Rainbow Magic Dance Fairies Collection

Mini chose this book from her library last week and another book about the tap dance fairy as well.

I can see a pattern there.

This book had been lying around for a few days, till this evening. Mini was not feeling too well, bad weather and all that. So we snuggled up to read this book.

This book is one of the many books in the Rainbow Magic Series.  Initially, I was not a big fan of these books, but for a 5 year old girl it is simply great. This is a delightful story about a little ice dancer, whose friends deal with the goblins who stole the fairy ribbons. These ribbons are important for them to dance nicely and successfully. Imogen is the tiny fairy wearing glittered shoes and lovely dress.

A very sweet book for little girls.

Mini didn’t say much in terms of review, but I know she enjoyed the story.

I liked it too – apart from.. maybe erm.. the use of the word ‘yanked’. I know kids and parents use all sorts of words, but they need to read lovely and nice words in the books they read.

That’s just me ..