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The Fat Alphie and Charlie the Wimp series: Fat Alphie the Famous


Good book for independent reading in Year 1. Mini read the book fluently adding silly voices with each character (that are always funny), we laughed a lot and Mini read it again, a couple of times. That is always a good sign. Humour shines through in the story and is a joy to read.

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The little Girl and the Bear


This book came from school (Year 1, UK) as part of Mini’s reading curriculum. The story is lovely, about a brave little girl who escaped from the bear who had locked her up. She learned an important lesson the hard way – to always to listen to her parents who had earlier warned her not to go to the woods, lest she loses her way.

Perfect story! 

Ms Cliff the Climber


Ms Cliff the Climber by Allan Ahlberg and Fritz Wegner is another Happy Families book that is part of the UK Primary School Curriculum.

Mini read the book herself and I was just listening. As far as the reading bit goes, it went well. The understanding bit, probably not quite.

The authors wanted to touch on the subject of divorce and single parenting in a light hearted manner and I think they have achieved it successfully.

The core message of this story is, that people divorce but that is not the end of the world.  In reality,  adult readers of this book might find it frivolous, because they know that divorce, for whatever reason, is quite traumatic for the children involved. However for a child, it might be different. Depends obviously on the individual child, whether they would react positively or negatively to this story, but I like the attempt on this subject.

As far as we were concerned, Mini is not yet aware of parents splitting up and she could not fathom the idea for a while. I did not want to go into a deep discussion about it either (mainly because I was sewing) so we laughed about Ms Cliffs’ adventure and marrying again. A lovely little story with gorgeous illustration.




Mrs Plug the Plumber




This book is part of a Happy Family Series where family life is celebrated through their various adventures.

Mrs Plug is a popular plumber in town and she happily takes her babies along, to work. On this particular occasion, the entire family embarks on a voyage to save a man from robbers.

This book is part of Mini’s reading campaign at school and so she read it loudly herself. I found her giggling¬†intermittently, all throughout. So, I can safely say that it was enjoyable !

Fly by night – by June Crebbin


This is a delightful story and I just loved the way Mini read it. Listening to it, made me think that this book can actually introduce someone to creative writing. The description is simple yet very imaginative.

The story is about a little owl who is very keen to learn to fly. Little ones like my Mini are too eager to grow up and so I am sure they can relate to it very well.

Beautiful illustration as well. 




I am so glad that this book is part of Mini’s KS1 curriculum.

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