Apologies for the long silence – again. Busy (ness) got in the way – No really! 

I did keep clicking photos (albeit sneakily) of my little reader reading her books. Here’s an update about the classic called Rumpelstiltskin.

I don’t really want to write about the story – it is detailed in here and in many other online sites.

The five year old mind concluded that the daddy was not nice because he lied about what his daughter can do.  It seemed Mini was a bit confused at places and asked many questions. Most of all – she loved the name Rumpelstiltskin.


Mrs Plug the Plumber




This book is part of a Happy Family Series where family life is celebrated through their various adventures.

Mrs Plug is a popular plumber in town and she happily takes her babies along, to work. On this particular occasion, the entire family embarks on a voyage to save a man from robbers.

This book is part of Mini’s reading campaign at school and so she read it loudly herself. I found her giggling intermittently, all throughout. So, I can safely say that it was enjoyable !

The Royal Picnic – Ben and Holly magnet book

Having forgotten the book ‘bag’ at home, I hurriedly bought this book at the railway station before boarding the Eurostar. We were on our way to Belgium, a couple of years ago. Mini was at pre-school back then.

This book caught my eye mainly because of the magnets (other than the fact that it is Ben and Holly, who were familiar characters already)  The addition of the magnets,  screamed  ‘activity’ to me.

A very cute story and help the child to learn different words and makes them think about where to put the right magnet and so on. What surprises me is that even after 2 years, Mini still reads the book. Now she reads it herself and does not need any help with the magnets.

Name of Book : Ben and Holly

Age : Pre school

Mini  – loves it

Mumma says – 3.5/5

Tiddler – by Julia Donaldson

Mini, along with her friends went on a school trip to the Blue Reef Aquarium at the onset of her school term when she started Year 1. All the learning that followed since, were related to the sea.

As part of the ‘Under the Sea’ theme in Year 1, Tiddler was an obvious choice of book.

Name: Tiddler

Author :  Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler (Illustrator)

Age: Preschool – Year 1 (3-6 years)

A delightful story about a little fish who gives very elaborate, made up excuses, when he is late to school. Only one friend, Johnny Dory, believes those extraordinary adventures, and spreads those stories in the ocean world. One day, when Tiddler gets caught in a fisherman’s net, he actually experiences all those adventures in real life, that he had previously lied about. Familiar ?

Pros: Cute story to read aloud with beautiful rhyme and wit. It is a book that can be used in a classroom environment because the story is quite open ended. This means that all the children can have their own conclusion on this story. The book Tiddler encourages a pupil to initiate independent writing, creating rhymes of their own, learning about different names of fishes. Each fish has its own personality and the illustrations reflect their emotions very clearly.

Cons: I would wait to introduce this book till they start school. A little twist to the Boy who cried Wolf story

Mini says: I love the story but not Tiddler

Gosh ! why?

Mumma says:  4.5/5